Below are several success stories that most characterize us.

University of Camerino

The University of Camerino is an Italian state university located in the city of Camerino, founded in 1336.


Marche Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composites
The Marche Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composite Materials (MARLIC) was born from the need to create a point of reference for the creation of new materials, with particular attention to the use of bio materials and the circularity of use approach and the reuse of raw and secondary materials. The Laboratory project, launched in September 2020, is located at the University of Camerino, supported by 21 companies (belonging to different production chains, e.g. food, furniture, nautical, automotive…) and financed for the first three years by the Region Brands. Manifaktura has the managerial responsibility of the Laboratory.


Catas – Laboratorio prove

Catas, pole of excellence for the wood and furniture sector, is a certifying body with a laboratory that deals with tests, analyzes and tests on products.


Manifaktura is also Catas Point.
The most important European testing laboratory for the wood-furniture sector is finally operational also in the Marche Region and can offer companies a variety of services.
Defect analysis, fire reaction tests, technical training, risk assessment on electrified products, product certifications and many other advanced CATAS services are available by contacting Manifaktura.

Biesse Group – Multinational Corporation

Biesse Group is an international company that designs, manufactures and distributes systems and machines for working wood, glass, stone, metal, plastic and composite materials.


Open-I is an Open Innovation project launched by Biesse which acts as an accelerator for high-level and quality ideas and startups; a stimulating and dynamic environment that will cultivate links with the academic world, universities and research centres, venture capital and companies, in order to further improve the Group’s innovation ecosystem. The Open-I project was created in accordance with a set of objectives based on high-level innovation, with the intention of seeking solutions both inside and outside the organization, through interaction with its points of reference in Israel and in Italy (Manifaktura).

See interviews here (pages 8-16):

CNI – National Confederation of Brazilian Industry

The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (Cofederação Nacional da Industria – CNI) is the official and highest-level organization representing Brazilian industry, founded in 1938.


Manifaktura has made a documentary on the Italian innovation ecosystem “Italy: manufacturing beyond design” promoted by the National Brazilian Industry Confederacion (CNI) and by Entrepreneuial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI)

Manifaktura was commissioned for the realization thanks to the contribution of the best excellences of our country, and we are proud to invite you to watch the documentary online at the following links:

ita: https://youtu.be/WLv4dzx1ZbA
eng: https://youtu.be/AMdGhLKV7EA