Our team combines complementary skills developed in twenty years of national and international experience in the manufacturing sector (in particular in the wood-furniture sector).

Our strengths:

  • A proven Technical Expertise on the topics
    of circular economy, innovation and processes.
  • Participation in the working groups of the groups
    UNI, CEN, ISO and CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria).
  • A large network of relationships and collaborations


We have provided more than 5000 hours of training on circular economy, LCA, product and process certifications, product risk assessment and open innovation


We are present through our Network of companies, research Centers, Universities, Technology Centers, Competence Centers, Testing Laboratories, Associations, in 50 countries around the world.


We work with more than 100 companies across the board
national and international who have chosen us
as a partner to make the
their business reality

hours of training

Our team

PhD, Ing.
PhD, Ing.Francesco Balducci
founding partner and CEO of MANIFAKTURA, Innovation Manager enrolled in the MISE register, he is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in chemistry. In his career he has gained a long experience in the field of innovative materials, on the issues of the circular economy and in the field of product and process testing and certification. He teach “principles of circular economy” at the University of Camerino and boasts numerous participations in research projects at national and international level
Dr.Alessandra Cecchini
founding partner and CEO of MANIFAKTURA, Innovation Manager enrolled in the MISE register, she has a degree in chemistry. Over the years he has deepened his knowledge in the field of testing and product/process certifications with particular attention to issues related to indoor pollution and the circular economy. Over the years he has participated as “expert” in many national and international research projects.
Adriano Razzi
Adriano RazziFilm director and Filmmaker
Graduated in History of Cinema at the University of Bologna.

Multimedia technology teacher and expert trainer in audiovisual disciplines.

Expert in: video production for the promotion of companies and their products

Alice Galeri
Alice GaleriGraphic designer and designer
Graduating in graphics at the Rimini Academy of Fine Arts

Expert in: visual identity for brands, brochures and leaflets, web elements, templates for newsletters, logo design and restyling, label design, editorial graphics

Massimiliano Tornati
Massimiliano TornatiTechnical consultant specialized in physics and engineering
Innovator and creator of industrial projects in the field of food, glass, and ceramics.

Specialist in calculation and FEM simulations and in the development of IoT software.

Areas of application: Revamping – Circular Economy – Food Innovation – Technology Transfer

Giovanni Giorgi
Giovanni GiorgiFinancial and accounting management consultant.
Twenty years of experience in business studies in the field of corporate consultancy, business start-up and business creation, business networks and community planning.
Expert in: financial statements, tax returns, tax credits, accounting and tax obligations

We want to support our partners

of the manufacturing sector in open innovation paths

#ToKnow #ToMeasure #ToInnovate #ToCommunicate

We have chosen to work with dynamic customers and partners, open and willing to apply innovative methodologies and tool