manifaktura start up

born in 2020 from the idea of the two founding partners Francesco Balducci and Alessandra Cecchini.

Our task is to be facilitators for all those organizations that intend to undertake through a path of innovation, planning, Network, management and training, in particular on issues related to the circular economy and industry 4.0.

Manifaktura srl

We don’t want to change the worl
but we have the ambition to contribute to improving it,
through the implementation of concepts and tools of
circular economy
, innovative materials e and industry 4.0.

We Build Solutions For Your Everyday Problems

We want to be facilitators of the transfer of knowledge: from university research, passing to technological and experimentation centers, up to industrial application, stimulating a virtuous circle between all the players in the innovation chain….

The main drivers for the manufacturing sector

Industry 4.0

Circular Economy


Open Innovation


We want to support our manufacturing sector partners in open innovation paths

#ToKnow #ToMeasure #ToInnovate #ToCommunicate

We have chosen to work with dynamic customers and partners,
open and willing to apply innovative methodologies and tools