University of Camerino organizes the first level master “Methodologies and innovative technologies for the management of the high level athlete”, which will start in December 2022.
If your ambition is to be a sports #manager, a 360-degree #coach for high-level teams, a coach capable of managing #high-performance athletes and you want to get in direct contact with sports clubs, experts and professionals in the sector, download the call ( and subscribe to the following link by 30 November, directly from the ATENEO website (

Feel Good Plus s.r.l., which created the Powerset software platform
and which collaborates with the Master, offers two scholarships of 1,000 Euros each to reduce the enrollment fee by this amount.

šŒššš§š¢šŸššš¤š­š®š«šš is in the Scientific Committee and promotes the MASTER with the University of Camerino and VL Medical LAB